7 Reasons Why People Love Open Floor Plans

When it comes to owning a house, one of the most important elements of ownership stems from space. If your home feels busy and cramped, it can make the whole space feel uncomfortable. For that reason, many people are choosing to use open floor plans. Why, though?

1. Getting Rid of Cluttered Walls

Too much stuff on the walls or just too many items, in general, can cause a home to feel cluttered. From pictures to artwork to hanging objects to lights, we end up with our walls simply covered in head-to-toe clutter. For that reason, many people love open floor plans for removing these walls and providing a more minimalistic approach for decor.

2. More Like the Outdoors

Another reason people love the open floor plan design is it can feel more like an outdoor setting. Having large open walls allows bigger windows, giving better views of the outdoors from places that would otherwise be closed off and dulled. This works extremely well for making your space feel more open and naturally suited to your personality.

3. Enlarging Smaller Spaces

By removing the enclosure of walls all around the place, you can make your home feel bigger. Smaller sections now transform into larger rooms, making it easier for the entire space to flow together. Enlarging smaller spaces is a big part of the reason why so many people look to get into open plan designs.

4. Easier For Social Interaction

Another big reason for going down this route is it can make your home feel far more sociable. The removal of walls creates larger social areas where everyone can meet and congregate together, creating a much more satisfying social experience where everyone can take part and relax.

5. Keep The Place Maintained Easier

One primary benefit of open floor plans is that it is much easier to keep your space clean. No longer having to navigate around walls and the like makes it easier to clean, hoover, dust etc.

6. See Any Potential Danger Signs

From fire to a potential sign of a break-in, it is much easier to spot anything untoward when you are in an open floor plan. When something goes wrong, it is much quicker to see the issue when you have eyes on your entire space at all times. An open floor plan allows you to keep a watchful eye on your belongings and space.

7. Keep An Eye On The Kids

Lastly, many prefer an open floor plan to see what their kids are doing. Now, it is easier to spot if they are really “doing their homework” or sitting on the tablet watching TV! It also ensures that younger children can have the independence to play without having you watch over them every second. At the same time, you are able to intervene if they start doing something they are not supposed to.


Now that you have seen some of the main reasons people choose open floor plans, do you think you would consider using this method for your next renovation? 

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