Building Restoration: Things to Consider

Building restoration can involve different types of projects depending on the needs of the owner and the building. These projects can range in size and length, involving months and months of planning and work to complete a total makeover, or just one weekend with a buddy and a few common hand tools to finish a project. For now, let’s discuss some of the more important things to consider surrounding building restoration for commercial projects.

Important Things To Consider

There is a lot that goes into any restoration project, and it can be very easy to miss important details that end up costing money and time. As every project is unique, there is no master checklist that will ensure you are distributing your effort and attention in the right places at all times. But, knowing where and how to begin is a great place to start! These are some general ideas that should be considered before tackling any restoration job:

  • Try to avoid being one of those projects that fall under the “too little too late” category. It is crucial that restoration projects are done right, and at the right time. Restoration efforts are often “too little too late.” Problems that are ignored for too long or repairs that are minimal is sort of like slapping a band-aid on a cut that needs stitches -it just won’t solve the problem. If a problem is identified, take the necessary time to come up with a solid solution that will last and endure!
  • Stay informed! Material science is rapidly evolving, with constant technological advancements as well as changes to meet new safety regulations and performance requirements. Staying “in the know” is essential in order to make informed decisions and formulate the most effective restoration strategies. 
  • Look at the entire picture- past, present, and future. For a building to serve its purpose, function properly, and be sustainable, it is critical that all existing systems and conditions are examined before determining what the restoration project will entail. Every project requires a unique set of solutions, and successful projects combine knowledge and experience with a comprehensive strategy, the right products, and the most effective methods.

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