Can you be prepared for a flood?

Overland flooding, when water flows overland and seeps into buildings through windows and doors, is pretty common in Canada. A large concern for many Canadian building owners is that they aren’t insured for overland flooding and can be left to deal with the repairs and replacing valuables.

Being flood ready can save money, properties and even lives. There are a lot of things that can be done to reduce potential expensive damage. The following are a few ways you can prepare for a flood:

  • Make sure you have sealant around lower windows and the base of ground level doors.
  • Install flood shields or barriers for basement windows and doors.
  • If you have appliances or valuables in the basement, make sure they are raised to save them from potential water.
  • Secure furnaces and water heaters so they don’t tip over in a flood.
  • Make sure basement flood drains aren’t blocked or covered.
  • Check the roof to make sure water is draining properly in heavy rain.

Bassi Construction can help you with 24 hour emergency flood services in case your building takes on water. We provide reliable restoration services where we can provide you with an on-site assessment with a detailed analysis and remediation process. Contact us to learn more about our flood restoration services and how we can help you!

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