Common Causes of Commercial Building Fires

Thinking about a fire destroying your business or office building isn’t the norm. Companies typically worry about their customers, the economy, employees and legal issues. However, a fire can be a serious situation and it is best to try and prevent them. Understanding what the most common causes of commercial fires are can help companies prevent them and know when a business is most at risk. Here are a few of the most common causes of commercial building fires.

Cooking Fires

Most people don’t think a cooking fire is possible in a commercial building. However, there is cooking equipment in most commercial buildings, which can definitely cause a fire if not used properly. These types of fires usually account for less damage, but are easily preventable with items like alarms and fire extinguishers kept in the building.


Intentional fires cause the most damage and harm to employees and buildings. These types of fires are very hard to prevent as you can not predict when they will happen. A few things you can do, are keep an eye on spots that are most likely used to start a fire, such as bathrooms, trash cans and garages.

Careless Acts

Careless acts and human error are another way commercial fires could happen. A few examples of careless acts are: accidentally leaving space heaters on, discarding cigarette butts improperly or plugging too many things into one extension cord at a time.

Heating Fires

Central heating units, fireplaces and water heaters should be regularly inspected to prevent fires in a commercial building. It is important to keep any flammable materials and furniture away from heat sources, especially in the winter.

If your commercial building does however suffer from a fire, Bassi Construction can help you with emergency restoration services. Contact us to learn more about how we can help save your building from a fire.

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