Common Supplies Used For Crime Scene Cleanups

If someone falls victim to a violent crime or traumatic accident their family is often tasked with cleaning up the scene. However, cleaning a site that contains potential biohazards is better left to the professionals with specialized crime scene cleanup supplies and know-how.

If proper supplies and procedures are not used during crime scene cleanup, the individuals that are tasked with the cleanup could be at risk for a variety of infections. To make sure all potential biohazards found at the crime scene are taken care of properly, it is best for families or property managers to hire a professional to disinfect the site completely.

Some supplies that are used for a crime scene cleanup:

  • Personal protective equipment, this includes gloves, masks, suits and shoe coverings
  • Biohazard disposal containers
  • Plastic sheeting and tape
  • Cleaning agents and commercially available solvents

Bassi Construction can provide crime scene cleanup services to the Ottawa and surrounding area. We offer 24 hours emergency services and will respond to your phone call as efficiently as possible. Contact us to learn more about our services and find out how we can help you with a crime scene.

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