Frozen Pipes and How To Deal With Them

Even if the heat is on at your property or business, and you are warm inside, don’t forget that when the temperature outside drops below freezing your pipes can freeze. As the water inside your pipes freezes, it turns into ice leading them to expand and cause them to form cracks and leaks. Leaking pipes can cause water to get behind your walls, floors and ceilings. And in no time, cracked pipes can become burst pipes when they defrost, which can leave you with flooded retail spaces/apartment units/offices and water damage.

If your pipes burst and your property floods, you will need to safely remove the water and any mold that may have grown behind the walls, floors and ceilings. The rooms along with all your belongings will need to be disinfected and dried out. The pipes will also need to be repaired and replaced.

You should do the following while waiting for flood restoration services:

  • Look for a shut off valve to turn off the main water supply in your building.
  • Turn on faucets at lower levels to drain any excess water.
  • Close the garage doors.
  • Turn the heat up in your building if your furnace/heating system is functional.
  • Let the warm air circulate around the plumbing by opening all points of entry.

Professional restoration companies, like Bassi Construction, are equipped to pump out water, clean, disinfect and thoroughly dry and repair your home or building. Bassi provides 24 hour flood emergency services to the Ottawa and surrounding area and can help you with all your commercial/industrial property restoration needs. A certified technician will be dispatched to your home or business to prepare an immediate on-site assessment and remediation plan.

Contact us to learn more about our emergency flood services!

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