Here are 5 tips for choosing the right building restoration company

You may be looking to restore your building due to deterioration or instability, but you aren’t sure how to find the right restoration contractor. Here are five tips you should follow to find the right restoration contractor for your project.


  1. Choose a Local Contractor

When you hire a local restoration contractor, they will be able to ensure that they are well versed in the laws and regulations of the area you are trying to restore. Whether you are looking to restore a heritage building or a commercial building, you will be able to rest easy knowing that the work you paid for will be completed properly. Not only will a local contractor be well-versed in the laws and regulations, but it will be easy to ask around and see if they have a good presence within your community. Hiring local contractors means they will also be accessible for future touch-ups, repairs, and follow-up questions regarding the restoration work.

  1. Knowledge and experience

When going into a restoration project, you usually start by trying to think of any friends/family or previous contractors who have done work for you in the past. The essential key to remember when picking someone to do restoration work for you is that there is a big difference between a commercial building, someone who built your home and restoring a building. Restoration contractors are skilled at identifying structural issues, using existing materials, as well as matching previously finished surfaces with an array of specialized materials.

  1. Make sure they can handle the size of the job

Although a contracting company may be good with residential builds or some smaller scale buildings, it does not mean they are equipped to take on a large job like restoration. In order to get the job done right the first time, you need to ensure that you find a contracting company that is experienced in restoration and has the right connections/resources to ensure the job gets done properly. Before hiring reach out to multiple contracting companies and ask for comparable projects that they previously completed.

  1. Consult with industry experts.

Sometimes interior restoration work is not just due to years of wear and tear, it can also be caused due to fire, smoke, or flooding. If any of these events happen, hiring a cleaning company will not be sufficient enough to fix any structural or aesthetic damage. Hiring a restoration expert will ensure the right tools and practices are being used to eradicate any moisture, odors, and other domino effects that can be caused by the events above. Prevent your space from filling with mould or other toxins due to not hiring the proper care team the first time around. Protect yourself and your building by investing in a professional!

  1. Ask your insurance if they have any recommendations

If you are completely stuck and not sure where to begin looking, consider talking to your insurance company about how much damage your building/home has endured, and figure out what work needs to be completed. From there, you can ask if they have any restoration contractors that they can recommend to you. This will give you a good starting point and allow you to explore multiple options, but do not be afraid to explore some companies outside of that list as well. Once you find a restoration company that is a match for you, ensure that they have the proper insurance in place. That way you can rest easy knowing that every person taking part in the restoration is covered and any injury will not fall on you.


Here at Bassi Construction our building restoration experts have over a hundred years of combined experience in completing building restoration projects. Our internal processes and training continue to expand to allow sharing of learned experience from our most experienced staff and to develop top-end talent so that our clients can benefit for years to come. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you!

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