How to Prepare for a Flood

Water damage can strike at any time, leaving you needing help asap. There’s nothing worse than getting up in the morning, heading in to work and noticing your building basement full of water. This will lead to costly repairs, unsanitary conditions and a long clean up process. 

Here are a few ways you can prepare for a flood:

  • Make sure you have flood insurance: Some insurance policies don’t include water damage caused by floods, so making sure you have this coverage is important. 
  • Make sure your electrical is protected: It is best for these systems to be 12 inches above the flood elevation to protect them.
  • Construct barriers were possible: Building beams and flood walls into your property can help stop flood water from spreading. 
  • Take steps if you know a flood is coming: If you think there is a possibility of a flood you can use sandbags to stop water from coming into your building. 

Need help after a flood? Contact us and we can help!

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