475 Elgin Street, Balcony Restoration

The project included a balcony restoration which was completed by the removal and replacement of the structural concrete slabs, removal and replacement of waterproofing membrane. The project also consisted of … Read more

230 Brittany Avenue, Parking Garage Repairs

Parking garage repairs including deck waterproofing, new expansions joints, asphalt paving, concrete pavement, drain replacements and break through repairs as well as walls and columns.

185- 195 Clearview Drive, Concrete Parking Lot Repairs

This project included extensive concrete restoration work, complete asphalt removal and replacement, application of new hot rubber waterproofing, as well as a major landscape replacement. The scope also required the … Read more

400 Slater Street, Resurfacing Project

Parking garage resurfacing completed by the Bassi Restoration Division.┬áThis project included removal and refinishing of concrete deterioration & hot rubber waterproofing membrane as well as plumbing drain replacement. This project … Read more

1735 Riverside Drive, Parking Garage Restoration

The project was a major restoration of the building’s three level parking garage structure, which is combination of traditional cast in place reinforced concrete slab and precast tee slab construction. … Read more

713 Montreal Road, Montfort Hospital

Bassi Construction was hired as the General Contractor to complete a restoration project at The Montfort Hospital. the scope of work performed was loose paint removal which was conducted and … Read more

1725 Riverside Drive, Reformation & Restoration Project

This multi-year parking garage restoration project involves the removal and replacement of deteriorated concrete. Application of new hot applied waterproofing membrane and new asphalt both on the parking slab and … Read more

2841 Richmond Road, Parking Garage Project

The project details included the completion of structural concrete repairs at the soffit, wall and columns. The scope also comprised of new waterproofing membrane, asphalt and new drains. This project … Read more

150 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Parking Garage Restoration

Complete concrete restoration of parking garage including repairs to the underground roof deck, asphalt paving and replacing roof drains.

2201 Riverside Drive

Reformation and restoration of all existing balconies, parking garage and exterior painting.