Restore or Renovate Your Building?

Making the decision to renovate or restore your building can be tough. Let us help you make the decision!

Renovating means making something new again or updating it. A good example of this is changing the layout of a floor or changing the countertops in your kitchen. This is a great choice if you want to update parts of your building or the entire building altogether. 

Restoring a house is kind of the opposite of a renovation, instead of updating, you’re making the building like it was before. You might decide to do this if you love the style of a building that is getting older. The best thing to do in this situation is to try and restore the fixtures and finishes in the building. Restoration is commonly used for historical buildings, but can also be done to other buildings that just need wall patches, replacing old fixtures or removing old carpet to use the wood floors underneath. 

A lot of people nowadays are opting to renovate their older buildings to make it more modern. However, there are certain buildings, like buildings in the Glebe, that restoring works well for. 

If you are looking for renovating or restoring services get in contact with us! We can take a look at your project and determine the best route for your project.

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