Tips to Handle Flooding in your Commercial Building

Not everyone knows what to do when a flood occurs in their building. We put together some important tips to help commercial building owners handle flooding.

If you have experienced a flood in your commercial or industrial building because of a rainstorm or natural disaster, you should immediately evacuate the building. This is the most important tip, as a flooding can lead to the following hazardous situations:

  • Structural collapse
  • Injuries due to tripping and falling
  • Electrical shock
  • Fire hazards
  • Loose and broken pipes
  • Toxic mold and bacteria growth

When a flood happens, you will not be able to do much without professional help, however if you do have some experience with floods the first thing you will want to do is shut off water entry and direct the water runoff to prevent further flooding and damage. Your local fire department or professional restoration company can help you remove access water by pumping it out.

After the water has been removed, you should try to save any furniture or items that are still salvageable. This is best to be done with professional help, as moving stuff around on your own can cause structural damage or injury to yourself. Items that can be salvaged should be placed in an area like a garage as they can contaminate areas with toxins and bacteria from the flood.

Bassi Construction offers 24 hour flood restoration services for commercial and industrial buildings in the Ottawa and surrounding area. Our professional  and certified technicians have experience dealing with different types of floods and are ready to help you. Contact us to learn more about our services or if you have experienced a flood in your building.

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