What are the best renovation trends of 2022?

Renovations are, without doubt, one of the best parts of owning a home. Turning your property around into something else entirely is refreshing and fun – when it goes right. When you are simply trying to make change for the sake of change, you can lose sight of how tough renovations can be.

For ideas on what renovation trends are taking the spot light in 2022, read on.

Glass walls

Glass walling is becoming more and more common as people want to help extend the size of rooms. By having solid walls, it can make your space look smaller. By using glass, you create partitions without the feeling of having a claustrophobic space. Many people use glass walls in their renovation to add a bit of extra grandeur and modernity to their home. At the same time, it improves visibility, so you can enjoy feeling as though you are in nature within your home or get a better view of the city.

Black accents

Many people have avoided using black in the design of their home for many years, and it is easy to see why. Black can be quite a daunting shade to use. However, black accents are becoming prominent in 2022, and it is common to see renovated properties with lots of black. The contrast of black works well with most colors, especially white, creating a very interesting design at the end. If you want to use contrasting designs more, add black accents.

A touch of vintage

While black accents and glass walls give a modern feel, other renovations are choosing a more vintage feel. This can mean using more opulent looking furnishing or going down the route of using older style blinds and curtains. Many homes are looking for that modern look and feel whilst still having some elements that hark back to a different period. This creates a very intriguing stylistic contrast.

Statement papering

Wallpaper is making a comeback, and many people use wallpaper to make grandiose artistic statements. You might find that a bright colored wallpaper with a stylish pattern could be just what you are missing. Wallpaper is a perfect way to give your room of choice a big statement or accent wall. Wallpaper is also a great quick fix when you are looking for change but do not want to commit to a big renovation.

Coloured storage spaces

For years, people have stuck to basic whites and dark colors for their storage spaces and cabinets. Especially in places like the kitchen, where brightness wins the day. However, many renovations today use chromatic color schemes for their storage spaces. It is now just as common to see something like an orange cabinet or a blue cupboard space as it is to see something black or white. Maybe it is time to give that color you deemed “too out there” a try!

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