What does crime scene cleanup consist of?

Crime scene cleanup can be demanding work as cleaners can be called to deal with a range of situations where they must be professional even in a horrific situation.

What do crime scene cleaners do?

Crime scene cleaners specialize in cleaning and sanitizing areas where accidents, traumas or crimes have occurred. They are trained to show compassion to the victims receiving the services and to relieve them of the burden of the cleanup.

Is it different from a normal cleaning job?

Crime scene cleanup companies do a lot more than just clean. They completely sanitize the affected area with special supplies that are able to remediate situations that normal cleaning cannot.

Some of these situations are:

Accident cleanup – Cleaning up blood and other biological matter should always be handled with extreme caution. A crime scene cleanup company has the necessary tools and knowledge to deal with these types of situations safely.

Tear gas cleanup – Tear gas is something used by law enforcement at the scene of a crime and is very hard to deal with and clean up afterwards. A building is unsafe and should not be entered until the gas is all cleaned up properly.

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