What To Do After a Fire

Did your business just experience a building fire? We’ve got the steps to help you.

  1. Secure the site: Make sure you protect the site from any further damage, especially if you plan to leave the site. Keeping it secure from unknown weather or theft will help the cleanup.
  2. Take caution: You should have the wiring, structure and utilities checked to make sure everything has been shut off and secured. 
  3. Insurance claim: You should get in contact with your insurance company to get a claim started. A list of damage and losses will need to be provided, so you should take note of this.
  4. Leave the building: If the building is not safe to continue to work out of, you should find somewhere else for your business to work. 

We can be there to help you with the after fire clean up. Find out more about our clean up services here! Give us a call if you would like to chat!

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