What To Do If You Need Emergency Crime Scene Cleanup

Crimes and accidents occur on a daily basis and falling victim to one of these can be very tough to deal with. Working with a professional crime scene cleaner has many benefits including; use of proper protective equipment, superior blood cleanup supplies and techniques, and experience with situations like this.

There are certain things you should do if you are in a situation that needs emergency crime scene cleanup.

Compose yourself

Most people panic when they come face to face with a crime or accident, which can hinder you from making decisions as a victim of an event like this. It is important to try and overcome your shock and trauma by composing yourself. Make sure your own safety is a priority.


If you are put in a situation where you experience a crime or accident with children or other people, it is best to get them far away from the crime scene for their own safety and wellness. Biological fluids can cause health complications to the people that come in contact with the scene.

Avoid contamination

If you are in need of emergency crime scene cleanup, it is important to not contaminate the site. Do not move or touch anything before law enforcement or the cleaners arrive. This gives law enforcement the opportunity to collect evidence without any complications.


All crime scenes need to be investigated and assessed by law enforcement before anything else. Crime scene cleaners can’t start cleaning anything before this happens. An ideal crime scene cleanup should be responsive, quick and efficient. This is why it is best to work with licensed and insured crime scene cleaners

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